Voice of your Brand is in the Heart of your Story

Nov 15 2016

An awesome story... builds loyalty, is memorable, connects people, help us relate and stand out

Storytelling is one of today's most trending marketing strategy and brand stories have been developing in popularity, particularly on the Internet. Brand storytelling is not a new promoting procedure, it has for quite some time been used in advertising. However, there are numerous brands out there that come up short and make poor utilization of stories So how to get storytelling right?

Lets, face it, people love stories.

Think about the TV series you're binge watching currently, or your favourite book that you love to read over and over again. Why do you like it? What attracts you to the experience? The answer is typically brilliant use of the classic narrating arc, which incorporates the elements of plot, setting, theme, character, resolution and conflict. Creative agencies in Mumbai can help you achieve just that. A beautiful story also needs to be executed to perfection. That’s when post production companies can help add perfection to your well shot story.

There is a touch of science to good storytelling that is both engaging and appealing. Great stories are not only entertaining and well-constructed, but speak volume to the target audience. While making your own, consider what kind of story your clients would find intriguing and ask yourself this:

(i) Who are your clients, what is significant to them, what do they care about, what’s entertaining for them?
(ii) What tone of language will they comprehend best and be likely to connect with?
(iii) What stories are your clients already talking about?
(iv) What is the tale behind everything your business/brand does?
(v) How should you tell the story? Will it be via a podcast, by means of pictures, in writing, or through video?

No story can be articulated without characters. It may be difficult to think of these characters, however don't limit yourself to imaginary ones. A few people/characters to consider are your clients, your secretary, online representative who provide customer care, delivery man who drops the packages every day, company CEO, marketing manager, or even yourself the proprietor. Ensure your characters are amicable and embody your image/brand.

Whichever plot you pin down on, choose the one that works with your chosen characters, personality and brand attributes.

Your story can run from the saga of your business's establishment, a challenge you faced and overcame, how you helped you client's with their issues, or it could include one of your products or services. Regardless of what your story, it ought to be engaging, genuine and on brand.

Business achievement is based on emotional and personal connections with each client, not some corporate statement that probably only passes on your brand’s objectives and values.

Ultimately you story should be genuine, significant and relatable. If these components are disregarded your story is doubtful to connect with your viewers. So, no matter what story you tell, never forget to keep it intriguing, surprise your viewers and don't be hesitant to get creative!