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  • VFX
  • Stock Effects
  • Back Ground Sounds
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  • Composing and recording fresh and exclusive background music
  • Creating and composing exclusive music tracks for films songs,
  • Teleserials, music videos, CD’s and all audio format releases.
  • Song Recording, Mixing & Mastering
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  • Wide range of male and female voice over artist in Mumbai
  • From Scripting - Language Translation-Voice over Co-ordination
  • Voice over in various fields: E-Learning Materials - Television Commercials – Narration and Documentaries- Audio books - Corporate Videos - Website audio- Audio for mobile and telecommunications - Advertisements - Cartoon and Animations - Training Programs - Airline / Railways Announcement -- Interactive Voice Response
  • Professional voice over services with experience across radio channels,
                                          TV advertisements,
Accordion Image Once everything has been recorded, additional effects may be applied and fine editing may be done to tighten up the performances. Mixing and mastering is typically done over the course of the project and is finalized after the performers have left the studio. Once final approval is given and the project is paid in full, the master files are released via disc and/or secure private download. We are wholly committed to doing whatever we can to provide the best mastered recording possible using the best post production studios in Mumbai. We firmly believe that the happier you are with your mix, the more likely you are to recommend our services to others. Any unsatisfactory areas of the                                           recording will be addressed to ensure you leave with a professional and cohesive                                                  final product.